Welcome to EMS Consultants

At EMS we work with clients to build the capacity of their organisations to better serve their clients, members or customers.

At EMS we pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships with clients based on trust, innovative yet practical solutions and impactful outcomes.We work with clients willing to take the next step and embark on major growth or change to map a way forward that is engaging, practical, measurable and enduring.

We use structured processes and innovative tools to enable leaders and staff to:

  • identify organisational, team and individual strengths;
  • unpack the factors within the organisation that make success possible;
  • explore the possibilities;
  • build a roadmap to achieve goals; and
  • determine how and when to measure progress and review strategies.

We work primarily with community sector organisations and the funding bodies who support their work.  We are committed to assisting organisations to review and develop structures, systems, processes, services and programs that meet the developing needs of their client base.

We support change and transition through ensuring we engage key stakeholders in all our consultancy work and we freely share our knowledge, tools and techniques with our clients to ensure organisational capability continues to grow after we have gone.

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